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Meet my family

I started doing some genealogy research several months ago and have made some really wonderful discoveries about my ancestors.  My mother’s mother had done a little bit of research way back when and there were a number of family stories that I wanted to verify (like, did we actually have ancestors in the Revolutionary War or was that just an exaggerated story?).  Until recently, I just never had the time or resources to dedicate to the search.  This website is a way for me to share the resources, connections, stories, and excitement I’ve amassed over the last few months with my family and with others interested in the family information I’ve uncovered.

Whenever I talked about heritage – you know, that “so what are you?” question – I never had a clear answer.  I knew I had some Swedish, some Portuguese, maybe some Native American; it seemed like just about everyone else, however, had something more specific.  I wanted to figure out where my roots came from.

This website is a compilation of that work.

Please contact me if you want to share research, correct something you see wrong, or ask a question.  I am no genealogy professional – just someone who thought this would be a great way to use my free time!



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