Johann Scheick (b. circa 1830) married Catherine Marschke (b. circa 1830) and raised seven children in Prussia (now west Germany): Johanna Florintina (1844-1939); John H (1850-1935); August (1854-1935); Albert Herman (1858-1910); Hannah; Bertha; and Frederick Ludwig (1861-1922).

Several of the children emigrated to the United States, including my3rd great grandfather, Frederick Ludwig, the youngest of the group. In 1880, at 19 years old, he moved to America and settled in Rochester, Monroe County, New York. At that time, he dropped the second ‘c’ in his surname, changing it from Scheick to a slightly less German, Scheik. In 1883, he married Bertha Hattie Mischke. Bertha Hattie was born in 1863 in Prussia (now central Germany) to Heinrich Gottleib Mischke and Catherine Lembke. She also arrived in 1880, when she was 17 years old (until I find something like their immigration papers, it remains unclear whether they emmigrated together and married in America, or whether they met in America). Frederick owned a general farm in Kendall, Orleans County, where he and Bertha raised five children: William Carl (1887-1960); Frederick K (1889-1889); Anna Johanna Bertha (1890-1973); Edward Gustaf (1892-1963); and Martha Amelia Ida (1895-1983).

My 2nd great grandfather, Edward Gustaf Scheik, grew up in Kendall Township, Orleans County, New York. He became a muck farmer in Elba, Genesee County. He married Clara Lavina Beck from Murray, Orleans County, New York,  and raised three children: Frederick Charles Clark (1911-1968); Richard (1916-2005); and Helen Marie (1931-1933).

Frederick Charles Clark Scheik, my great grandfather, was born in Elba, Genesee County, New York. In 1930, at the age of 19, he married Elenore Lena Doley. They had two children: Charleen (1931-); and Wayne Elden (1936-1989). Charleen (or Bunny, as most people know her) is my maternal grandmother.


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