Robinson Smith, my 6th great grandfather, was born in Deerfield, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, on October 14, 1761. His parents were Joshua Smith (1742-1798) and Elizabeth Robinson (1740-?), who I believe emigrated from England sometime before Robinson Smith was born. In 1783, at the age of 22, he joined the Continental Army, where he served as a Private for three years. The following excerpt is from an article in the Albion Advertiser, titled, “DAR to Honor Murray Veteran,” published on November 7, 1984:

His enlistment was uncommon as most soldiers in those days enlisted for only 60 or 90 days at a time. For his service he received a bounty of 20 L, which figures out today to be $97.33. Private Smith served in Capt. Samuel Cherry’s (a.k.a. Chiney) Company, 2nd New Hampshire Regiment, commanded by Col. George Reid, and the Light Horse Sixth Company.

In 1783 Smith reportedly was transferred to Washington’s Life Guard, commanded by Lt. Com. William Collins. He was honorably discharged at West Point on June 30, 1784.

Robinson married Miriam Glidden and raised a family in Vermont, before moving with several of them to Murray, Orleans County, New York: Sarah; Unice; Isaac (1790-1866); Levi Joseph (1801-1871); Joshua W (circa 1803-1849); Nancy (1806-1885); Lovina (1808-?); Nathaniel (1910-?); Erza C (1810-?). Robinson died in 1828 and is buried in Hope Cemetery in Murray, New York.

Joshua W. Smith, my 5th great grandfather, was born in Vermont. In his mid 20s, he moved with his family to Orleans County, NY, and married Jerusha Tousley. They raised five sons in Orleans County, New York: Zardius (1831-1891); Valentine T (1831-1904); Orson (1835-?); Mortimer D (1838-?); and Lyman (1841-?).

Valentine T. Smith, my 4th great grandfather, married Harriet Dibble (1830-circa 1855) and had two children: Gustavus (1848-?); and Dorcas Augusta (1850-?). Harriet passed away young, so Valentine remarried to Lucy Hartwell (1829-1904) (go here for the Hartwell name).  Lucy, my 4th great grandmother, gave Valentine five more children: Merric (1858-?); Nina Laura (1863-1933); Hiram (1866-?); Addie (1871-1942); and Marian (1876-?). Valentine T. Smith died in 1904.

Nina Laura Smith, my 3rd great grandmother, was the wife of Charles R. Beck.


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