Michael Towsley was born in Salisbury, Massachusetts. His parents, Thomas Richard Towsley and Elizabeth Roache, were born in England and emigrated to America. Michael Towsley had been in King Philip’s war in 1676 as a solder of Hampton, New Hampshire. In 1677, Michael Towsley became one of a select group of 100 families granted land to settle in Suffield, Connecticut; he received 50 acres. He married Mary Hussey in 1678 and then moved to Suffield in 1680. They had several children: Mary (1679-1694); Mercy (1680-?); Anne (1681-?); Michael (1684-?);  Margaret (1687-1689); Matthew (1690-1739); John (1694-1764); Nathan (died in infancy 1695); and Joseph (1698-?). Check out this post for some interesting history on this family. Michael Towsley (Sr.) died in 1712.

Matthew Tousley was born in Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut, in 1690. He married Mary Smith in 1710 or 1711, and had eight children: Mary (1711-?); Michael (1715/6-?); Margaret (1717-?); Matthew (1722-?); Sarah (1724-?); Dorcas (1729-?); William (1731-1799). Matthew died in 1739.

William Tousley was born in Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut, in 1731, the youngest of eight children. He married Sybble (or Sybil) Spencer (1735-1800), also from Suffield. They had six children: Mary (1754-?); David (1757-?); Hezekiah (1759-?); William (1761-?); Thomas (1763-?); and Sybil. William, Sr., died in 1799.

William Tousley (Jr) was born in Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut, in 1761. At the age of 26, he married Sarah (Sally) Reed in Rupert, Vermont. They had nearly a dozen children: Anna (1786-1853); Zardius (1787-1866); Orson (1800-1863); Sally (1803-1836); Valentine (1804-1842); Jerusha (1806-1868); Lucy (1808-1881); Bethia; Eleanor; Minerva; and Polly.William (Jr.) died in 1827.

Jerusha Tousley was born in Vermont, married Joshua W. Smith, and had five children in Orleans County, New York: Valentine Tousley (1831-1904); Zardius (1831-1891); Orson (1835-?); Mortimer D (1838-?); and Lyman (1841-?).

exterior links for the Tousley/Towsley family:

Suffield Historical Society


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